Why Should Men Have All the Fun?!

Men’s sexual health, performance and pleasure have received a lot of attention in recent years from scientists, medical practitioners and sexual health specialists. The results of these research efforts can be seen in the development of prescription drugs, herbal creams and supplements to enhance penis erections, prolong intercourse and intensify orgasms.

Unfortunately, a similar level of attention has not been focused on female sexual health and sexual response. However, we are seeing a gradual change for the better as some companies are now focusing on women’s sexual needs, to develop sexual enhancement creams, lotions and supplements that enhance vaginal lubrication, boost female sexual response, increase clitoral sensitivity and intensify orgasms.

As a result of this new focus on female sexual enhancement, Advanced Botanicals have developed Vigorelle sexual stimulant cream for women. 

Now Women too can Really Enjoy Sex!

At Advanced Botanicals, for years their products have helped thousands of men in their sexual relationships by enhancing their sex drives, their erections, their ability to prolong intercourse and improving their sexual self-confidence.

But, as women know, that only deals with half the issues. The other half is the essential sexual partner: a woman who is enthusiastic, aroused, sexually responsive and able to reach powerful orgasms rapidly and repeatedly. This combination of the sexually capable man and the sexually responsive women represents the ideal in human sexual relationships, an ideal that all men and all women equally desire.

Introducing Vigorelle Clitoris Stimulant Cream


This cream for Female Sexual Enhancement is truly a product that will transform your sex life and take you to heights of sexual pleasure you never imagined possible.

Vigorelle cream is a natural, sexual stimulant cream formulated from carefully selected herbs, that is to be applied directly to the clitoris to enhance its sensitivity and response to sexual stimulation.

It is sometimes called “the women’s Viagra,” but this is misleading. Unlike Viagra, it is for external use only and, again unlike Viagra, it has no potential side effects or complications. It is a completely safe, herbal product that could be described as an “instant turn-on cream”! Apply it to your clitoris-vagina area before or during foreplay, and then experience unbelievably intense sexual pleasure and orgasms beyond all previous limits.

Vigorelle will bring you a far more exciting and satisfying sex life and that, in turn, will take your partner to the “highs” of great sex. You will:

  • Feel instant sexual arousal!
  • Experience sexual sensations of greater intensity than ever before!
  • Enjoy Explosive and Multiple Orgasms !
  • Enhance your libido, your sex drive and feel an ongoing desire for more sex !

Vigorelle is so easy to use – no pills to take, no sex technique instructions to follow, no strenuous contortions or difficult sex positions. Just a smooth,. sensual cream applied gently to your clitoris by yourself or, even better, by your partner, to take you to sexual pleasures without boundaries.

For women lacking libido with slow or no response to sexual stimulation.

If you are uninterested or rarely interested in sex, you are not alone. All too often, women will say:

“I’m always too tired”.

“I never initiate sex”.

“I don’t feel turned on at all”.

So, how to unleash the passion that nearly every woman is capable of? The fact is that, in today’s world, there are many factors that obstruct or restrict women’s sexuality, leading to lack of eagerness about sex. Fortunately, Vigorelle is able to address many of these issues:

The many responsibilities of modern life that you have to deal with – the demands of family, home-making, career, social life – often leave you with no time and/or energy for sex. And, if when you do make the effort to have sex despite the many demands on your time and energy, it doesn’t feel too good anyway, it is surely not surprising that sex is of low priority for you. But, Vigorelle will intensify your sexual arousal and deliver total sexual pleasure and fulfilment, and thereby will revive your interest in sex.

Vaginal dryness is a common female problem and it is a problem that not only takes away the enjoyment of sex, but can make sexual intercourse painful instead of pleasurable. If you are troubled by vaginal dryness, Vigorelle is the solution to your problem. It instantly lubricates the genital area with a feel and texture similar to vaginal lubrication, then creates a tingling sensation that enhances sexual arousal and increases vaginal lubrication.

Difficulty or even inability to reach orgasm is again a very common problem. If you are one of the many women who face this problem, you may be convinced that you just “cannot get to a climax.” But this is not true….Vigorelle will intensify your response to every sexual touch and stimulation and take you to electrifying orgasms like you never imagined possible.

Vigorelle is safe to use, without any side effects or complications.

Vigorelle not only works effectively, it is also absolutely safe to use for all women! There are no harmful side effects, complications or allergic reactions arising from the use of this cream. Vigorelle contains only the best quality natural, herbal ingredients.

Naturopaths and herbalists, experienced in dealing with the issues of human sexual health, have selected these plant extracts based on their properties for enhancing sexual response and libido. The Vigorelle ingredients have then been formulated in the exact proportions that will create the highest levels of female sexual responsiveness and enable women to achieve truly satisfying orgasms. The smooth topical cream works directly on the sensitive tissues of the clitoris to enhance your sexual pleasure.

Vigorelle is packaged in an FDA approved, state-of-the-art facility, operating under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This product is safe, natural and requires no prescription to buy or use.

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